Learning C++

I decided I wanted to get back into “proper” programming again.  I started programming in 6502 asm on the commodore 64 and then onto 68K asm on the Amiga.  I have not done any real programming since the early 90’s.  However for the last 12 years I have been developing in PHP so have kept my hand in with high level development.

As I use mostly Linux and some Windows I wanted my software to work across both platforms and decided to settle on QT.  I am ok (just) with C programming still remember most of it and having converted some software from C to PHP didn’t anticipate it being an issue.  However QT is C++ which to be perfectly frank is not just C with added OO.  Moving from PHP to C is pretty straight forward,  however moving from PHP to C++ is not.

I have just ordered Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example which I have heard is an excellent book for those with some programming experience and I look forward to getting started.

C++ development will be purely for my own pleasure and all projects will be OpenSource and I will attempt to produce binaries for all platforms that QT supports with a bare minimum of Mac, Windows and Linux.  Nokia have just announced that future version of QT will work on the Maemo platform which I will aim to compile to as well.

My first project will be aimed at Motorhome owners but usable by Caravan owners.  I don’t want to say too much just yet until I have actually made a start on it 🙂

I will post my progress to this blog as I go.

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