Is WordPress Safe Part 2.

The most common excuse I can find for not upgrading is that it breaks plugins.  Sorry but security is more important than playing a YouTube video.   This blog has gone from V6 of WordPress all the way up to 2.8.4 when a plugin broke (once) I fixed it.

Now the wordpress team cannot test every single plugin that written for the software so we have 2 options here.

  1. Accept that a security update will break a plugin or two.
  2. Get wordpress to validate every plugin before being accepted on the wordpress plugin site.

The second option would mean a very limited pool of plugins and would be detrimental to the community.  The first option is what I vote for.  If a plugin breaks once when updating wordpress I suck it up.  If it breaks twice then I will stop using it and look for an alternative.

Please do not use plugin failures as an excuse not to upgrade,  security before features…

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