I provide consultancy services on a per hour or per contract basis.  I cover the following plus more;

  • Server set-up and configuration,   For example if you buy a dedicated server or VPS from anywhere I will set it up to your requirements.
  • Server Migrations,  I can migrate multi site servers or large dedicated site servers with minimal downtime.
  • Postfix installation, configuration and fault finding.
  • iptables configuration.
  • PHP, MySQL installation, upgrades and configuration.
  • DNS,  installation of either standalone or distributed DNS servers using PowerDNS with MySQL backend or Bind.
  • General Linux fault finding and fixes.
  • Custom PHP scripting for server maintenance and monitoring.
  • Anti Spam services.
  • Security.
  • Post hack Clean up.
  • Email Black List clean up.  (I do not provide this service to spammers or marketers)
  • Remote backups for VPS or Dedicated servers.
  • Live data replication services or redundant servers across multiple data centres.
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Fail2ban and mod_security installation.
  • Plus Much Much more.   If it is running on Linux.

I was the technical director of a hosting company until January 2015 and had servers in multiple data centres across the UK, Europe, Canada and the US.  If you want a VPS or a Dedicated server I can advise on the most suitable supplier based on your requirements and budget. I sold my hosting company so I could concentrate on technical services and development work.

If you need something that isn’t on the above list please ask.

What I can’t do.  I am not a website designer or a graphics artist and can’t do anything creative. I also don’t directly sell hosting, domains, VPS’s or dedicated server but I can advise. However if it is technical, related to linux servers give me a shout.

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