This blog covers all my desktop and server related posts.  It was started as a way of logging fixes so that I could find them in a hurry if I didn’t think I would remember them in the months/years ahead.  It’s also a way of sharing those general purpose fixes and giving back to the community.

I was until early 2015 running a small hosting company and doing server consultancy work. Between 1999 and 2009 I managed racks of servers responsible for many 1,000’s of domains.  I am now doing the server consultancy work full time. I sold my holdings in the shared hosting company so that I can concentrate on technical projects rather than being involved in day to day business issues.

Most if not all of my technical posts relate to Linux as that is what I have been using since the late 90’s now. I run 100% linux systems, from my laptop, desktop through to all servers. My laptop and desktop run Linux Mint XFCE edition.  My servers run on Debian Linux and Centos/Rocky Linux. This means I have experience of managing both Debian and Redhat based systems.

Please note the hints, tips and solutions on these pages are provided on the basis that you know what you are doing.   Blindly typing them into your server in the hopes that they will fix your problem without understanding them is likely to end in disaster.  These tips worked for me at the time but things do change at a very fast pace.

I do offer a consultancy service at a very reasonable price.  Most problems on hosting servers I have come across before and can fix pretty quickly.  Please contact me for details.

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