wp-spamfree update

I have just received a comment to my post regarding wp-spamfree and decided to do a search for other users of wp-spamfree who had had problems.

StevoFC has some negative comments but didn’t really look into the cause of the problems.  If he had done a little research to find out why the comments were being blocked it would have been helpful.

Udegbunam Chukwudi has a positive review but has one negative comment from FoxTwo which links to  this article .

I have found a couple more articles with a few negative comments but the overall feel is that wp-spamfree works and is effective.

However, a couple of posts have brought to my attention NoSpamNX which I will be trying out next.  I will initially leave wp-spamfree on all of my blogs except this one which will move over to NoSpamNX.  I will post again in a week or two with updates.

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