Wamp Server error mysqld got exception 0xc0000005

Wamp is a Windows Apache MySQL Php package that allows you to develop Lamp stack programs on a windows OS.

I develop using PHPEd and Wamp is handy for quick testing without having to upload to a remote server.

Under a new install of XP I was getting a fault which showed up in the logs as “mysqld got exception 0xc0000005” and mysql Bugged out.

What I did was download the latest version from dev.mysql.com and copied it into the mysql bin folder.

This had exactly the same problem. However when I started it directly from its own directory it worked fine. It only started failing when copied across.

It must therefore be something wrong with the wampserver version. I compared the directories and only the my.ini was different. I renamed this my.ini.bak and mysql started up ok.

I will look into what is in this ini file later and post the actual cause. But for now, to get it working just rename my.ini to my.ini.bak and start her up.

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