Starting to get excited about Drizzle the new MySQL database.

Brian Aker has just done an interview for Barton’s Blog.  I hadn’t seen this blog before but the interview itself is very interesting.

For those who don’t know what Drizzle is, it is a fork from MySQL aimed at the web end of the market as opposed to the corporate end.
It is a MicroKernel style RBDMS with additional modules to handle pretty much everything that is non core.

The reason I am excited about this is that the vast majority of the features of MySQL are not used on the servers I manage and having a new SQL server that has a much  smaller footprint will be excellent news.

Drizzle should be production ready by the new year,  I don’t think I will be rolling it out just yet as it will require many upgrades to scripts but in the medium term I think this is the way to go.  Luckily it looks like both databases can sit side by side so I will be able to use both and migrate MySQL databases across to Drizzle as the software gets upgraded.

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