Unable to find backend willing to host … for potential supermaster

Fixing the “Unable to find backend willing to host hostname for potential supermaster” Error.

I had set up many PowerDNS master slave nameserver clusters before and had not seen this error. However it has been a while since I had done this.

I added domains to the master as normal but was getting this error in the log on the slaves.

It did start working once I had run this command on each slave server.

This led me to realise that it was DNSSEC issues causing the problems. In my pdns configuration files I had no mention of DNSSEC and I didn’t think to look here as I simply presumed it would be off by default. Once I had added this line to my configuration it started working properly.

After you have done this and restarted your masters and slaves you may however want to run this on your master server to push the domains through immediately so you can test.

It is also worth stopping the pdns on one slave server and then restarting it in monitor mode;

Remember to restart it after though.

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