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I am looking for an Open Source HTML editor to replace Frontpage which I have been using for years.  I quite liked frontpage for it’s 3 tabbed approach to pages.  I could draw tables in the design mode, go into the html mode and edit it to remove the frontpage fluff and add php code, then preview the page quickly.

So far I have played with Amaya which is pretty good so far but it does have a couple of annoying quirks, the worst one of which is its speed when switching tabs.  For example I edit the CSS file, click save then go to the html page to view the changes and there is a 2 second delay before the tab changes over.  I then have to refresh the html page.

I am also looking at BlueFish.  This is really really fast.  Unfortunately it is also very basic.  It is crashing for me when I try to insert a CSS file also which is a big downer.

A final search on google gave me Kompozer which I have just installed and will do some checks on also.


Having installed Kompozer and spent 5 minutes with it I am sold.  This is exactly what I was looking for in pretty much every way. I recommend you have  look at it if you are a frontpage user who wants to get away from MS software.

If you know of any other html editors please let me know.  It must handle CSS files though.

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