Blocking emails by senders IP in Plesk

I have been using greylisting successfully for some time now, however over the last few days a few have been getting through.  I am currently testing nolisting on one of my domains but in the meantime I noticed that out of the 10 spam that got through in the last week 8 were from a single IP range.

Plesk unfortunately does not provide any method to blacklist IP’s for the mail server.  A little lateral thinking and I implemented it using the built in firewall.  After the break you can see the settings I used for my qmail spammers rule.


I also did a scan through a couple of my other domains to find IP ranges that were responsible for more than 3 spam each and added those ranges as well.  The ip address sent 20 identical spam but no spam came from anywhere else in that /24 range so I only blocked the one IP address.

I will report back on the results.

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