Using Amazon S3 as a network Drive

I personally have never trusted storage on the net vendors for a variety of reasons. Confidentiality and would they still be in business in a year were the two most obvious ones. But Amazon S3 is a different matter.

They are not going to go out of business any time soon. However the S3 interface is not simple for joe public to access until now. allows you to set up an amazon S3 storage account as a network share under windows. You can then just use it as a normal network drive. I would not recommend this for daily use as I am sure the price would build up over the year. But as a backup for all your data I think it is superb.

The software is free and only requires you to register for an Amazon S3 account. If you look at the charges for Amazon S3 they are extremely low so storing GB/s of information which you only incrementally back up once a week would be extremely cheap.

The reason I am looking at this is when I go full time I want someway of garanteeing my data. There is the risk of fire and burglary in the van which is higher than if I was in a bricks and mortar house and I want to ensure my data is safe.

Anyway, I am off to sign up for my amazon S3 account now and give it a try.

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