Things I do on a new Debian 12 Server.

Update Apt and install a bunch of utilities I use a lot.
apt update
apt install vim net-tools neofetch mlocate curl rsync git cron postfix dnsutils

Add these lines to ~/.vimrc
set mousemodel=popup
syntax on

Add these lines to ~/.bash_profile
PROMPT_COMMAND="echo -ne \"\033]0;$1 \007\""

Edit the ~/.config/neofetch/config.conf comment out and uncomment info that you want or don’t want. For instance I am not interested in GPU, Resolution or Host. But I do like to have Disk and local IP

Add this line to ~/.bashrc

Kill off apparmor. Please note I do not recommend this for all servers, sometime figuring out why it won’t work is better. A judgement call is required.
systemctl stop apparmor
systemctl disable apparmor
apt remove apparmor

For any service that you want to log to syslog rather than faff with systemd journal
systemctl edit --full

For example for pdns
systemctl edit --full pdns

Look for the line ExecStart in the [service] section. Remove the –disable-syslog entry and save.

Providing you have installed rsyslogd you should now have a /var/log/syslog etc.

apt install rsyslog

More to come…. (Iptables, bash functions and scripts)

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